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Happy Goon at the Digital Awards 2016

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Happy Goon Finalists for “Best App” At Digital Awards 2016

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As part of my work with my other business venture, Happy Goon Inc. co-founded with my good friend Colin Hughes, I developed a mobile app built in Unity for both Android and iOS.  This awesome app supports the business’ core function by providing the magic

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Code Craft and the IT Professional

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You Write Code But Do You Know Your Craft?

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Go beyond being a coder and make it as a Master Code Craftsman

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Atlassian for Git Tutorials and Repository

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Great Git Tutorials

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I’ve been working with Git for source control for a while now, and initially learned using this excellent respoitory of Git tutorials by Atlassian.
Atlassian provide the BitBucket repository solution so it makes sense they help you use it.  I still find myself coming back

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British computer society member

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British Computer Society

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Since returning to the UK from New York, I have become a fully fledged member of the BCS.
This shows my commitment to the field and will allow me to network with fellow professionals, develop my skills and progress my career in computing.
I am looking forward to

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