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Particularly geared towards technology as a topic rather than concentrating on programming and engineering.

Get you business online for free

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Get your business online for FREE – it’s easier than you think!

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Welcome to the age of the internet…
These days, the internet is deeply embedded in how people behave and live their everyday lives.  If you have a business then you want your customers to be able find you; your contact details, opening times and address.  In

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Happy Goon at the Digital Awards 2016

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Happy Goon Finalists for “Best App” At Digital Awards 2016

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As part of my work with my other business venture, Happy Goon Inc. co-founded with my good friend Colin Hughes, I developed a mobile app built in Unity for both Android and iOS.  This awesome app supports the business’ core function by providing the magic

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Atlassian for Git Tutorials and Repository

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Great Git Tutorials

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I’ve been working with Git for source control for a while now, and initially learned using this excellent respoitory of Git tutorials by Atlassian.
Atlassian provide the BitBucket repository solution so it makes sense they help you use it.  I still find myself coming back

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